***I'm trying to gauge interest from farmers about this project. If you want to be a growing partner please use the message form on the contacts page to reach me.***

  South Texas Coffee Initiative was formed with the stated goal of being a long-term project exploring the viability of bringing commercial coffee growing to the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. I've since expanded that to include the southern part of Florida. This crop isn't currently grown in these areas and therefore there's the possibility of it not being commercially viable, however I think it's worth trying. If coffee is proven to work it would bring a new crop to these regions and could provide new opportunities to farmers. 

     To pursue this goal I've imported a variety of coffee species from a research group in Costa Rica called CATIE and continue to work with them on what growing best practices will be. I also stay in contact with experts at Texas A&M and a coffee researcher out of the UK. 
    Initially, I'll be working with a third-party to propagate the plants which will take several months per-order. I'm probably only going to offer C. Liberica (Dewevrei), C. Arabica (Centroamericano), C. Arabica (Marsellesa), C. Canephora, with minimum orders of 500 plants to start out. I plan on offering C. Racemosa at some point in the future as well as single plants of Geisha and Eugenioides. 
     Currently, I'm only considering partnering with farmers located in the following counties, if you'd like plants but are outside of these locations still reach out to me. 
  • Cameron County 
  • Willacy County
  • Palm Beach County 
  • Martin County 
  • Monroe County
  • Broward County
  • Miami-Dade County
  • Hendry County


     ***To reiterate, coffee will be an experimental crop in these locations and might not be commercially viable.***