South Texas Coffee Initiative was formed with the ambitious goal of bringing commercial coffee growing to the state of Texas.

   Founded by John Anderson, an oilfield worker looking to put his horticulture degree to work and brother Delanie, STCI is a long term look at the viability of bringing commercial coffee growing to the southern most part of the state. Environmental conditions in the region are less than ideal however the value of the plant, particularly if one is found suited to harsh climates, could benefit the state’s farmers as well as open up new farming opportunities abroad.
   To move this goal forward we’re starting small and have broken the project into two parts, a trial growing operation and a roasting business.
   The for-profit roasting business is set up in Bryan, TX and is intended to help fund the project with a portion of the proceeds going towards realizing it’s success. Initially we’ll be roasting and selling foreign grown coffee of the same varieties we plan on planting.
   In order to test different plants we've purchased a canal irrigated field on the edge of San Benito, in the heart of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and plan on planting a couple different types of hybrid coffee plants imported from Central America. We anticipate planting in 2021 and if this test crop is successful, Texas grown coffee can be expected within a few years. In the meantime we plan on exploring different varieties and will possibly push into breeding plants to better handle the climate of south Texas. 

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